Sunday Worship

What are St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea United Reformed Church services like?
  • There is something in our services to inspire everyone, no matter where you are on the faith journey. Our services are a creative mix of old and new, pulling from elements of historic faith practices, while still remaining casual and accessible
What do I do before the service begins?
  • People tend to chat quietly or spend time in contemplation. All are welcome to turn up early to listen to the choir’s practice
What kind of music can I expect?
  • We sing hymns and songs written in the fourth century as well as songs written specifically for a particular service. Our church is blessed with a wonderful organ and organist, a grand piano and a talented choir and music group
How long are the services?
  • Most services last an hour. Our services are followed by a coffee shop that’s open to everyone
I'm not confirmed, I'm not a member; can I still share in communion?
  • Ours is an 'open table'; all who love God can share in his last supper
What style of message does the minister preach?
  • St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea United Reformed Church is a challenging and thoughtful community, never settling for easy answers. The minister’s messages are rooted in Scripture and never shy away from relating scripture to today’s challenging issues
What kinds of people attend?
  • People from every background imaginable attend St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea United Reformed Church. We accept people wherever they are in life, so we’re full of people just like you!
How do people dress?
  • The dress ranges from casual to professional. Come as you are, dress to be comfortable; this isn’t a glamour show.
Are children welcomed?
  • St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea United Reformed Church loves youngsters and has a heart for youngsters of all ages!